Our Alma

Soul of UXUA

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa was born in 2009 from the vision of Wilbert Das and the combined talents of international designers living and working beside Trancoso artisans. They shaped the hotel using antique methods and reclaimed materials, restoring local homes dating back centuries.

The Alma project continues our success story, creating sustainable employment - part of the UXUA ethos - growing a local micro-economy built on traditional craft and continuing trades passed on through generations.

Alma extends UXUA's commitment to its community, with homeowners and guests alike playing a part in an initiative by which tourism deepens local traditions instead of eroding them.

Celebrating authenticity, Alma and the decor collection UXUA D.A.S. drive reintroduction of native Pataxó culture and arts into society.

5% of UXUA Alma income is also donated by homeowners to sustainable tourism NGO Despertar (Awakenings), providing its full budget for sport programs: 5 trainers leading 175 kids and young adults in jiu jitsu, football, basketball, and Angolan capoeira.