In the native american Pataxó people dialect uxua means wonderful. In Portuguese alma means soul.

Inspired by the acclaimed UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, UXUA Alma is a collection of private Casas on Trancoso's Historic Quadrado and remote Espelho Beach. Each Casa restored by native craftsmen under guidance of designer Wilbert Das to merge rustic traditions with luxurious comfort.

Alma guests enjoy reserved beach sofas at UXUA Praia, exclusive concierge service and access to book spa treatments and fitness at UXUA's Vida Spa, an original Bahian oasis of tropical wellness.

All Casas 3 Suites 4 Suites 5 Suites
Casa do Beco 3 Suites
Casa Anderson 3 Suites
Casa Wilbert 4 Suites
Refúgio do Espelho 4 Suites
Fazenda Braka 5 Suites